When Dishwashers Don’t Drain

dishwasher drainWhat a mess when your dishwasher doesn’t drain properly.  In most cases it’s not the machines fault but a slow or clogged drain line.  To help isolate the location of the problem, if your sink continues to drain properly then the problem may be in the small drain line that feeds into the garbage disposal.  It may be necessary to remove the hose from the machine to clean the line.  For help with all drain issues, give us a call today at 972-332-3918.

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Hot Water Circulating System

If you own a large home in the Plano area, your house may have a hot water recirculation system.  This system is designed to provide instant hot water to even the most remote areas of the house.  A small pump keeps water moving through the hot water lines constantly.  One huge advantage in this system, other than instant hot water, is the water conservation while waiting for hot water.  While water recirculation systems are designed to last years, it is a good idea to have them serviced on a regular basis.  If you have a water circulating system, give us Plano Plumbing Pro a call to schedule service.

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Plano Stage 2 Water Restrictions

Plano Stage 2 Water Restrictions Zone Map

NOTE: The zone watering schedule has been replaced by an odd/even street number watering schedule.

Effective August 19, 2011, Plano will start Stage 2 Water Restrictions.
Stage 1:

  • Find and fix leaks around the house.
  • Prevent water runoff from your lawn into the street or onto hard surfaces.
  • Remember that watering your lawn is prohibited from 10AM – 6PM    from April 1st – October 31st
  • Attend a program on water conservation, planting native plants, making a  rain barrel, etc.

Stage 2 (includes all Stage 1 steps plus):

  • Watering your lawn with sprinklers or irrigation systems is only allowed two times per week (some exceptions). See Stage 2 Watering Zone Map Street Number Watering Schedule for details.
  • Planting of cool season grasses like rye is prohibited.
  • The use of treated water to fill or refill residential, amenity, and any other natural or man-made ponds is prohibited.
  • Wait until after the drought to establish new landscaping.



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Area Struck with Water Line Leaks in Yard

As our North Texas soil continues to bake with the extreme heat and lack of rain, many home owners are seeing broken water lines in their yards.  While there is little you can do to prevent a break, you can be diligent in locating and repairing those leaks.  Don’t wait for that high water bill.  Walk your yard on a regular basis looking for the unusual wet spot.  If you see something that is just not right, give Plano Plumbing Pro a call immediately for a quick and efficient plumbing repair.

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Water Heater Leaks

When a water heater fails, a leak will often develop near the water lines at the top of the tank.  In many cases it looks like the water leak is from the pipe however, the actual leak is corrosion at the flange where the water lines connect.  If your water heater is more than 6 years old and you see water pooling on the top of the tank, give us a call today for an estimate.

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Test Your Drip Pans

hot water heater drain panOne of the most overlooked items in your home is the drip pan under your water heater and HVAC unit.  They are there to safely remove water away from your living area incase of failure in either unit.  It’s a good idea to pour water into both drip pans to make sure they properly drain.  Be sure to check that the water drains out of drain line which is normally located outside of the house.  If the pan does not drain, give Plano Plumbing Pro a call today before its too late.

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Check Your Sprinklers

Your sprinklers should be working overtime in this hot weather. That’s what they are there for. To ensure their efficiency, it’s a good idea to periodically observe your sprinklers while running. You want to check to see if you have any damaged or missing heads. Between lawn mowers, moving earth and the neighborhood kids who enjoy using them for soccer practice, it’s possible that there may be some damage. In the end, a geyser in your front yard or a river running down the street is not an efficient way to maintain your property.

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Waiting for Hot Water

Do you have to wait for hot water to make to that far bathroom?  If you’re like most homeowners, the answer is yes.  Not only are you wasting time but many gallons of water each time you want to take a shower.  There are solutions to this common problem with some being simple and cost effective.  So if you’re tired of waiting, give Plano Plumbing Pro a call today for more information on your hot water problems.

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Leaks Under the Sink

Leaking Sink DrainOne of the most common Plano plumbing problems is that pesky leak under the sink.  Do you have a bucket sitting under the drain or water lines?  If so, you don’t need to continue letting those leaking sinks ruin your cabinets.  With one simple call, we can have that sink drain or water line fixed today.  Give us a call.

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Plano Admits Water Coliform Violation

Plano Water ViolationThe City of Plano recently advised residents that the city water system failed 23 water samples during April 2011. Coliforms are bacteria that are normally found when more dangerous bacteria are present in the water supply. More recent water tests have been clear and tested as “good.”

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