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First Freeze-Protect Those Pipes

Well the first freeze of the season has occurred right on schedule.  If you haven’t winterized your pipes and hose bibs for a hard freeze then the time is now.  Don’t forget to disconnect all hoses and cover exterior faucets … Continue reading

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New Sewer Line Discounts

This summer has caused havoc with the pipes and sewer lines in our yards.  If you suspect a sewer line leak then be sure to check out our $100 discount coupon on a new sewer line.  For more details or … Continue reading

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Leaks Under the Sink

One of the most common Plano plumbing problems is that pesky leak under the sink.  Do you have a bucket sitting under the drain or water lines?  If so, you don’t need to continue letting those leaking sinks ruin your … Continue reading

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Detecting Slab Leaks

Without contacting a professional plumbing company you may not know for sure.  You should start by checking your water bill. If it has gone up dramatically and you have eliminated other sources of leaks then the slab may be the answer. … Continue reading

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