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Field Tested Fixtures and Supplies

Plumbing supplies are not the same. It is often hard to determine the quality of plumbing supplies when purchased from a hardware store.  Price is not a good determination when looking for quality fixtures such as faucets or water heaters. … Continue reading

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The Value of On Site Estimates

When getting plumbing project estimates, you will always get the most accurate proposal when the plumber can actually diagnose the problem.  Over the phone, the estimate is essentially blind to the conditions which have a dramatic effect on the cost.  … Continue reading

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Experience Counts

Experience is an important consideration in properly repairing any technical issue.  An experienced plumber will always have extensive knowledge on his side. Sometimes, an experienced and qualified Plano plumber may charge higher rates, but he should know the best way … Continue reading

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Understanding How a Toilet Works

Different brands of toilets may look different inside and out, the majority of toilets work off of the same principles.  When you push the flush handle, the flush valve (the rubber stopper at the bottom of the tank)opens and allows water … Continue reading

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