Money Saving Discounts

Plumbing Plano CouponsAt Plano Plumbing Pro, we know how important it is to give our customers the best value in professional plumbing service.  Check out our Plano Plumbing Coupons that can be applied to your next service call.

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Water Conservation in Plano

Plano Water ConservationNow that summer is here, we all need to start thinking about conserving one of our valuable resources: water.  There are many things we can do reduce our daily water consumption.  For an excellent resource to all Plano residents, check out the City of Plano’s Water Education site.  Plano Plumbing Pro is ready to help with all of your water saving projects.

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Gas Line Leaks

Natural Gas FlameA hidden danger in any home supplied with natural gas is the gas line leak.  Don’t take chances with your family’s safety.  If you ever smell the distinctive odor of natural gas in or around your home call your natural gas provider immediately.  At no cost, they will diagnose the odor and take the steps necessary to protect you and your home.  For gas line repairs, you should always use a licensed plumber.

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Bathroom Remodels

When it comes time to remodel your current bathroom, or if you simply want an updated look, tub and shower replacement are a great way to modernize your bathroom’s appeal and function.  We recommend you contact your professional Plano plumber early in the bathroom remodeling project to help you determine the most cost effective and appealing options.

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The Sacrificial Anode

Hidden inside your water heater tank is a critical component call the Sacrificial Anode.  This small but useful device helps to protect your water heater from corrosion.  The chemicals in your water would rather attack the anode then the exposed steel in your tank.  For best water heater performance, your anode is designed to be replaced every several years.  If you’ve never changed out your Sacrificial Anode then now is the time. water heater anode rod replacement

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Water Conservation in Plano

Did you know Collin County has one of the highest per capita water usage in the state of Texas?  Here are some water conservation ideas that may help. 

● As much as 9,000 gallons of water is wasted waiting for hot water to your sink or tub.

● Low flush toilets can save nearly 18,000 gallons of water per year.

● A faucet that dripped once each second in every US house would waste over 928 million gallons of water a day.

If you’re tired of wasting water, call Plano Plumbing Pro today.

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Water Heater Vacation Tips

As summer vacations approach, here are two things that could save you money while away from home:

● Turn your water heater down to the lowest possible setting.  Why spend money heating water that you’ll not be using?

● Shut off the water to your tank before you leave home.  Why take a chance of coming home to a flooded home?

For more water heater tips and information contact your Plano plumbing professional today.

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Determining the Location of a Sewer Stoppage

A sewer blockage is one of the most frustrating plumbing issues one can encounter.  It’s helpful to understand where the stoppage is occurring.  First, if the blockage is in only one fixture like a toilet or tub then the problem is generally in or near that fixture.  However, if you find water backing up in multiple locations then the problem is in the main sewer line.  Once you identify the areas that are blocked vs. the areas that are clear, you will have a good idea where the sewer stoppage has occurred.  For help with any drain or sewer blockage, no matter the location, give Plano Plumbing Pro a call.

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Field Tested Fixtures and Supplies

Plumbing supplies are not the same. It is often hard to determine the quality of plumbing supplies when purchased from a hardware store.  Price is not a good determination when looking for quality fixtures such as faucets or water heaters. Professional plumbers have experience finding which products work best, last longest, and give homeowners the least problems. When you hire a professional to do a job, you are paying for this plumbing expertise.

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The Value of On Site Estimates

When getting plumbing project estimates, you will always get the most accurate proposal when the plumber can actually diagnose the problem.  Over the phone, the estimate is essentially blind to the conditions which have a dramatic effect on the cost.  At Plano Plumbing Pro our goal is to provide you with the best plumbing repair experience.  No surprises and great service.  Call Plano Plumbing Pro today.

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