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First Freeze-Protect Those Pipes

Well the first freeze of the season has occurred right on schedule.  If you haven’t winterized your pipes and hose bibs for a hard freeze then the time is now.  Don’t forget to disconnect all hoses and cover exterior faucets … Continue reading

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Get Ready for Stage 3 Water Restrictions

Starting November 1st, The City of Plano will implement Stage 3 water restrictions as mandated by North Texas Municipal Water District.  Residents of the city will be allowed to water once every other week on either Tuesday or Thursday depending … Continue reading

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Area Struck with Water Line Leaks in Yard

As our North Texas soil continues to bake with the extreme heat and lack of rain, many home owners are seeing broken water lines in their yards.  While there is little you can do to prevent a break, you can … Continue reading

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Detecting Slab Leaks

Without contacting a professional plumbing company you may not know for sure.  You should start by checking your water bill. If it has gone up dramatically and you have eliminated other sources of leaks then the slab may be the answer. … Continue reading

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