Plano Stage 2 Water Restrictions

Plano Stage 2 Water Restrictions Zone Map

NOTE: The zone watering schedule has been replaced by an odd/even street number watering schedule.

Effective August 19, 2011, Plano will start Stage 2 Water Restrictions.
Stage 1:

  • Find and fix leaks around the house.
  • Prevent water runoff from your lawn into the street or onto hard surfaces.
  • Remember that watering your lawn is prohibited from 10AM – 6PM    from April 1st – October 31st
  • Attend a program on water conservation, planting native plants, making a  rain barrel, etc.

Stage 2 (includes all Stage 1 steps plus):

  • Watering your lawn with sprinklers or irrigation systems is only allowed two times per week (some exceptions). See Stage 2 Watering Zone Map Street Number Watering Schedule for details.
  • Planting of cool season grasses like rye is prohibited.
  • The use of treated water to fill or refill residential, amenity, and any other natural or man-made ponds is prohibited.
  • Wait until after the drought to establish new landscaping.



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