Quality Plumbing Service in Plano

pipe wrenchHigh quality plumbing service is only a call away at Plano Plumbing Pro.  Our experience in the Plano area gives you the homeowner a huge benefit when you need plumbing services.  For prompt and professional service, call us today at 972-332-3918.

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Recent Rain Helps Drought

The rain this past weekend has improved the levels at LavonLake.  In the past week the lake has gone from 47.65% full to 49.73%.  For more information about how this drought impacts Plano residents, check out the North Texas Municipal Water District web site.

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First Freeze-Protect Those Pipes

Frozen PipeWell the first freeze of the season has occurred right on schedule.  If you haven’t winterized your pipes and hose bibs for a hard freeze then the time is now.  Don’t forget to disconnect all hoses and cover exterior faucets to reduce the possibility of a frozen-burst pipe.  Remember, Plano Plumbing Pro is ready to help with anyburst pipes this winter season.  Just give us a call.

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Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide PoisoningWhile carbon monoxide is not specifically a plumbing issue, poisoning from this dangerous gas kills hundreds each year in the United Statesalone.  Carbon monoxide is produced when any fuel is burned.  In most homes the danger comes from improperly vented gas appliances such as furnaces and water heaters.  Carbon monoxide is odorless which means you can become poisoned without any advance warning.  In addition to preventative maintenance on your home appliances, every home should be equipped with carbon monoxide detectors.  If installed correctly and functioning properly, the detector should provide sufficient warning in the event of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.  For more information about carbon monoxide poisoning, click this site from the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Outdoor Natural Gas Lanterns

Gas LanternsFor the ultimate in exterior home décor, you may want to consider the installation of gas lamps.  Gas lamps provide economical lighting while giving any home a dramatic effect.  For more information on the installation of gas lines to any area that you would like an upgrade, give us a call at 972-332-3918.

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Replacing a Shower Head

shower headIf you have a leaking shower head or just want to upgrade, replacing a shower head is a simple task for most home owners.  Using a small adjustable wrench, remove the old shower head.  Be careful not to remove the shower head stem from the wall.  Before installing the new shower head, wrap the exposed pipe threads with Teflon tape to prevent water leaks.  Using the same wrench, carefully tighten the new shower head.  To prevent scratches, wrap the shower head with a rag or masking tape.  For help with all plumbing repairs, give Plano Plumbing Pro a call.

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Get Ready for Stage 3 Water Restrictions

Starting November 1st, The City of Plano will implement Stage 3 water restrictions as mandated by North Texas Municipal Water District.  Residents of the city will be allowed to water once every other week on either Tuesday or Thursday depending on your address.  For more information, please visit www.plano.gov/water.

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Check Those Gas Lines and Valves

As the cold weather approaches, many of us will start using our fire place starters and gas logs for the first time in many months.  This is a great time to check out the control valves on those gas appliances.  Remember, natural gas is not something to mess with.  If you suspect a gas leak or problems of any sort with gas appliances, get them fixed right now.

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New Sewer Line Discounts

This summer has caused havoc with the pipes and sewer lines in our yards.  If you suspect a sewer line leak then be sure to check out our $100 discount coupon on a new sewer line.  For more details or an appointment for an estimate, give us a call at 972-332-3918.

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In-Line Water Filters

Water FilterIf you’re tired of paying for bottled water or using filtration pitchers then a great way to overcome these costs is the installation of an in-line water filter or under sink filter.  These filters are economical and the cartridges are relatively inexpensive.  If your refrigerator has chilled water and no filter then this is a great place for an in-line filter.  Under the sink units may be a bit more complicated, however in the long run may save hundreds of dollars compared to bottled water.  If you need help with any water filtration systems, give us a call.
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