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First Freeze-Protect Those Pipes

Well the first freeze of the season has occurred right on schedule.  If you haven’t winterized your pipes and hose bibs for a hard freeze then the time is now.  Don’t forget to disconnect all hoses and cover exterior faucets … Continue reading

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Carbon Monoxide

While carbon monoxide is not specifically a plumbing issue, poisoning from this dangerous gas kills hundreds each year in the United Statesalone.  Carbon monoxide is produced when any fuel is burned.  In most homes the danger comes from improperly vented … Continue reading

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Replacing a Shower Head

If you have a leaking shower head or just want to upgrade, replacing a shower head is a simple task for most home owners.  Using a small adjustable wrench, remove the old shower head.  Be careful not to remove the … Continue reading

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Check Those Gas Lines and Valves

As the cold weather approaches, many of us will start using our fire place starters and gas logs for the first time in many months.  This is a great time to check out the control valves on those gas appliances.  … Continue reading

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In-Line Water Filters

If you’re tired of paying for bottled water or using filtration pitchers then a great way to overcome these costs is the installation of an in-line water filter or under sink filter.  These filters are economical and the cartridges are relatively … Continue reading

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Hot Water Circulating System

If you own a large home in the Plano area, your house may have a hot water recirculation system.  This system is designed to provide instant hot water to even the most remote areas of the house.  A small pump … Continue reading

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Test Your Drip Pans

One of the most overlooked items in your home is the drip pan under your water heater and HVAC unit.  They are there to safely remove water away from your living area incase of failure in either unit.  It’s a … Continue reading

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